Saturday, June 26, 2010

Extreme con artists

Everyone wants to be fit. Everyone wants to work out, loose weight, be thinner, run faster... And all those that don't want to be fit are claiming to be able to make you fit. There are so many boot camps! Those that give you the Best Body, those that target your Belly, those that are Body Busting, those that you do with your dog. There are others just for women, I'm sure there are boot camps just for kids. Then there are gyms. So many gyms. All with the usual equipment and classes and fees. Yes, those monthly fees that they just subtract out of your account. There are tonnes of studios out there. Studios for dance, yoga, pilates, martial arts...the list goes on. While most studios don't suck money out of your account yet they certainly don't have a problem overcharging you. Yoga classes are great, for them anyway. They get you to bring your own mat, cram you into a room like sardines, don't provide air conditioning and call it hot yoga. You loose tonnes...most of it water, the rest your money. The Pilates studios are different. If it's a mat class they're trying to do what the yogis do, make you provide your own mat, cram you into a room and get you to roll around on your little mat without bumping into anybody. This you can find just about anywhere...churches, gyms,.colleges, community centres, offices....all claiming to give you abs of steal at the end. Most people leave feeling nothing except a pain in the neck from holding their head up the entire time. BUT you got to a studio for Pilates and everything changes. Class sizes are limited, you pay a premium to use equipment and they make you pay outrageous prices to even start group classes. Tonnes to say about Pilates studios. That's another blog.

The only way you're going to loose any weight is by giving these fitness places all your money. I think people are better off sitting on their asses in front of the tv doing nothing. Less anxiety

Wellness weirdness

Wellness. What is wellness? There are so many wellness practioners, holistic practitioners, homeopaths, many paths in this city!! And then many types of massage are there? No, don't tell me. I don't really want to know! And chiropractors. Well I know what a chiropractor is, or at least what they're not. They're not real doctors! But everyone in this city has each of these: a homeopathic doctor, chiropractic doctor, massage therapist and of course a physiotherapist. Why does everyone need all these made up doctors? It makes no sense to me. And the amount of money these people charge! Holy cow! It's enough to make anyone sick!! People here won't take care of their own health through a sensible nutrition and diet, exercise and sleep. Instead, they do whatever they want then pay others to fix their ailing health. AND then they have the gaul to complain about it?!?! Well, of course the chiropractor isn't going to tell you whats wrong with you. They want you to come back. No kidding...the physiotherapist isn't going to give you actual exercises that you're going to do, or rather they're going to give you exercises because after all, if you had done those exercises or related exercises you wouldn't be at the physiotherapist in the first place! I guess what I'm getting at is, why is everyone in this city so lazy and willing to give all these various practitioners their money instead of just making an effort to lead a healthy life? It almost feels like people here have too much money and feel a need to give it a way. I all in the name of wellness....wellness of what though? People or the wellness of an industry of quacks!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Bad hair

There is so much poor quality in Toronto. It's so hard to find anything that is truly good in Toronto. Whether it's a service or a commodity, it's hard to find something good. It just sucks. Everyone in this city is the best and has something to sell. It's both good and bad. Just anyone can stand on a street corner and sell something and someone out there will buy it. For example, there are so many hair salons and barbers out there. How do you find a person who can give yo a good hair cut? It's tough. You either let your hair grow down to your ankles, (there is an old man like that in the Beaches! He obviously has given up trying to find a good barber!) or you keep trying different salons out. Either they are too expensive or just really bad. Take that Fiorio Beauty Academy. Sure the price may be reasonable, $30 for a hair cut/style from one of their students. But, the next time you go there you end up with a different student cutting your hair. Which usually means a different hair cut. And then of course there is the bossy instructor who treats you, the client paying them, like a student bossing you around, telling you want you should be doing with your hair! It's your hair. Do whatever you want with it. They're there to listen to you and give you something you're happy with. Nevertheless, I'm quite unimpressed with the stylists they turn out. I still haven't found a good place. I've tried Yonge and Eglinton, Davisville, the Beaches and Greek Town. Still looking....

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Toronto Beaches Poster Nazis

Walking up and down Queen St. East in the Beaches in Toronto this evening I saw something horrible. I saw deliberate poster targeting. All the Best Body posters were ripped off. I was clear someone just walked by, going form pole to pole, ripping off the Best Body posters. At first I thought it was all posters that were targeted, but maybe not. Now I'm not fan of Boot Camps and they're popping up everywhere. I think there are way to many Boot Camps. But what I saw on the south west corner of Scarboro Beach and Queen St. East wasn't right. It was just plain wrong. There was a Best Body poster ripped off and under it was a Balmy Beach poster. But the Balmy Beach poster was not ripped off. Now why it that? I've been told that people in the Toronto Beaches don't like posters. Then why did this Toronto Beaches Poster Nazi not rip off the Balmy Beach poster? I wish had taken a picture. Next time. If I'm lucky, I'm going to take a picture of this Toronto Beaches Poster Nazi. People like you, Toronto Beaches Poster Nazi, lower the property value in a neighbourhood.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Eager Beaver Bastard

So, I wanted to have some stuff distributed door to door. We'd never done this before so we innocently used Craigslist to find someone/company. Everyone uses craigslist for everything, why not this? This is why not. We found these Eager Beaver group at Bathurst and St. Clair. Sounded like a nice sincere fellow. Said he's even do it for us himself. Invited us to contact him to inquiry about the status of the distribution. Met him, seemed ok, as ok as someone can seem at 9am in the morning at Bathurst and St. Clair. Anyway, dropped off the flyers, paid him the money and waited. Never heard back, of course it was raining, don't expect much in rainy weather. Called, emailed, did everything to get his attention to find out if the flyers were distributed, everything short of a balloon-o-gram. Never heard anything. That was over a year ago. Eager Beaver Distribution, 551 Kennedy Rd Scarborough, M1K 2B1, seems to have moved and probably isn't doing much distribution in their new location, but probably doing a good job collecting people's money!

Davisville Psycho

There is this nutjob in Davisville that doesn't let anyone put up posters. Now, he'll put up posters but no one else. We put up some posters last year, along Davisville from Yonge St. to Mt. Pleasant. We thought it was great. Bare poles, buildings, people walking by, clean, nice neighbourhood. Later that night we get a message. Someone threatening to smash our skulls in if we ever poster there again. So what do we do, we poster there again! We were told it was this big guy, riding around on a scooter, who was into animation and such. And we kept our eyes open. We stuck up posters, starting at Mt. Pleasant. We walked towards Yonge on Davisville, sticking up posters on the bare poles, keeping an eye out. We didn't see anything. On our way back, posters seemed missing. Where we thought we put posters, there were none. We could have swore we stuck some up on that pole. We got in the car and sure enough we saw the culprit, in broad daylight, with a knife cutting posters off, clearing the streets of Davisville of posters. We tried confronting him and he just rushed off. Dr. Jamie of Dr. Jamie's Events is the psycho who leaves death threats on people answering machines if they stick up a poster on a public property in Davisville!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Parking attendants

Parking sucks in toronto! All those lame parking trolls `doing their job` giving out tickets. 90% of those parking snots couldn`t get real jobs so they`re going around throwing their puny carcas around toronto printing out tickets for any car they can find. Most of those parking losers are just trying to meet some sort of quota before the day is out. They`ll prey on any car they find until they meet that quota then they just let everyone park where they want. Must be nice to have a job where you don`t actually do anything but walk around attacking the innocent!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Postering in the Beaches Toronto

The beaches....fucked up neighbourhood in Toronto.

Bunch of inbred, white bred ass wipes that are all living in their little glass houses. I could go on about how I feel about the beaches but this blog is about postering. Let's start with postering in the beaches.

Belly bootcamp. No professional, postering courtesy at all. A pole, with one fucking poster on it. Plenty of space for tonnes of posters and what does Belly bootcamp do? They poster right over the one lone poster on the pole. Why? Makes no sense! You Belly bunch so desparate that you think the painters are going to take you business? Or the dog walker?!? You're not even subtle about Belly bootcamp! On a crowded pole, sure, it's all fair. Cover up the other posters. But when there is space on the pole, why cover up the posters that are there?

Besides, how many bootcamps do we need!!??!! That's another blog!